Dogs and Life


I’m dozily flat out in Gary’s recliner, relaxing and watching ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’, and typing to you.  It has been a fairly busy day since our lovely brunch with friends, and a satisfying one.

I scheduled work for today on purpose. I knew my friend’s dog needed her annual grooming and didn’t want to make them wait for the next available appointment in the week. I only “budgeted” two hours to do the job because that is how long I wanted to work hard! I really had to push myself, but in the end, I was pleased and Charlotte was gleeful. I earned myself a few kisses from this cocker spaniel who can be snarky, but was patient with me.

Charlotte "before"

Charlotte “before”

First bath

First bath

during the process

during the process

Charlotte, feeling special

Charlotte, feeling special

The rest of the day was rather ordinary. Razz went home, and then Jayda, Chimo and Spike.

What was decidedly out of the ordinary for Gary and I was that we had a wiener roast! We had a pile of rotten fenceposts that were good for nothing else, so my husband set them on fire. Charlotte’s owner had mentioned earlier that they were going to have a bonfire/weinie roast, so I threw that out as a suggestion. We scrapped plans for an only slightly more elaborate dinner.

I ran around doing dog care, then nipped into town for smokies and proper buns, came back, made cole slaw and got a tray loaded up. Gary did the he-man things like carry the chairs and whittle the sticks. We decided that we had never before had a wiener roast on this place, and resolved to do it again soon. It was a lovely “date” and end to the afternoon, out in the horse pasture amid the precious mountains. No telephone or wifi either.


Other than that a few snowflakes fell into my coffee this morning as I sat on the deck, it has been a beautiful spring day. We have hundreds of daffodils and other narcissus blooming in the yard, and the first of the tulips. I haven’t taken pictures of very many, but I so enjoy them.

2014-04-30 15.56.18

Take care, everyone.

Love, Ann

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