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End of another week…

It’s frightening how fast the time goes by: days, weeks, years, decades. A lifetime seems so short.

Things are great around here; seems almost daily we progress in some small way… careers, yard, life in general. On the other hand, to some, what we do is rather ordinary, and we can live with that.

Remember how I was saying that I hate sending home a dog with an apology, knowing that somehow I should have done a better job?

I struggled with a grooming task today: a beautiful, patient dog with an extremely thick coat. The owners told me that the dog was clipped so short last year that she suffered sunburn. Naturally, I’m trying to be the groomer that they stick with and who doesn’t have to shear the dog so short.

It was exhausting trying to comb out the undercoat. “Michu” wasn’t matted at all, but though I tried combing/brushing before AND after the bath and while blow-drying, I picked up the clippers with my longest blade, and tried a clip-on comb (snaps onto a short blade to leave fur longer), all in turns. I was running out of time: I had Michu fairly symmetrical, meaning about the same choppiness on both sides.

Her owners were very pleased! I said something self-effacing about my work, and apologized for clipping the goopy hair under one eye so short (left a bare patch). The dog felt great.

Michu waits to go home.

Michu waits to go home.

Towel wrapped snugly around the ears and neck keeps a dog from being disturbed by the high velocity dryer.

Towel wrapped snugly around the ears and neck keeps a dog from being disturbed by the high velocity dryer.

I groomed little Molly this afternoon. She’s a regular, and I love her. She has a few siblings in our town, and they are all great little doggies.



I have some work booked for tomorrow: one little dog, and one large cat who, I expect, will NOT kick my ass like Winston did on Monday. Then: it’s KENTUCKY DERBY time! Hurray!

As usual for any week, some pet went home and others came.

Festus went home this afternoon. Like Jasper, he has evolved into a very decent German Shepherd, obedient, intuitive

and respectful.



I clipped this tiny sheltie short, at owner’s request. He is cute with or without his heavy coat. He is moving to the U.S. with his owner’s parents, but they say that they will “save” his haircuts for their trips back to the Valley!



I groomed two little dogs on Tuesday:





I love the dogs so much. One of these days, I’m going to get my face bitten because I get too close, murmuring sweet nothings. So far, I’ve been lucky.

The deal on the house went through this week. As of April 30th, Susan and I own this great mansion!


Look at those brand new sidewalks, eh? Although the purchase of this property didn’t earn us a fruit basket, the realtor and staff (who are friends) treated me as if I HAD bought a palace, and for that I’m grateful.

Gary tilled the garden this week… that’s progress too:

2014-04-30 13.38.26

I went to a meeting in mid-week. Told Gary I was just going for the free coffee and goodies, and to satisfy my curiosity. The function was a presentation about the branding of our area, now promoted as the “Robson Valley Region”. It is also a sort of campaign, for which there is funding: advertising in various media, and promotional materials (such as tags that one can put on crafts or other products made here). There is a website, just now “live” :
Discover Robson Valley Region


I am waiting for “approval” before I can use the logo in my website. And guess what? No coffee or goodies. I guess that’s fine… not wasting any extra taxpayers’ dollars.

I’ve worn myself out again, babbling on. Have quite a few dogs to put to bed… cuddles and treats y’know. Hope you are all well, my friends.

Love, Ann

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