Life and Pets

Evening shift…

It was MY idea. I elected to groom a dog and a cat after supper time, as it turns out, instead of supper. The owner couldn’t drop off her pets until 4 pm., so I told her that I intended to work on them during the evening. Shortly after, she phoned and politely asked if the two pets would be ready for her husband to pick up at 8 am. in the morning; I was committed then!

I could have said no to that, but I didn’t anticipate that the jobs would take so long. I was finished clipping this beautiful golden retriever X husky by about 7 pm.



Then to the cat. Winston was growling as I, a virtual stranger, took him out of his kennel. I felt that this was understandable, as there were several dogs yapping in the building. As I worked, he became angrier and more difficult to handle, though I had made good progress in clipping mats away. Then he lost his cool altogether, spitting and lashing out. I tried blowing “catnip bubbles” in his direction.  I put him into a smaller kennel for a rest,  with food in a dish and catnip sprinkled on his blankie.

About 40 minutes later, I took him from the kennel, noticing that he had eaten lots of the canned cat food. Winston made menacing and resentful noises deep in his throat, and struck at me right away. I placed him in a soft mesh cat bag, which is sort of like a pillow case and is usually the secret to successfully finishing a groom on an intractable cat. Winston managed to claw and squeeze half his body through the neck hole of the bag, and then I actually had to CUT the bag off the cat. Winston was unhurt, and surprisingly, so was I, but at that point the cat escaped my grip.

It took me an hour and a half to regain custody of Winston. I moved as slowly as possible, murmured reassuringly to him, and while it seemed that he was calm, I only shaved a couple more mats off before he went to pieces again. And I lost control of the cat AGAIN.

So now I’m inside the house, chatting with you, fighting tears. I just HATE admitting defeat, and I detest giving a pet back to the owners with an apology for a poor or incomplete job. I feel I must go back out and try to get Winston back into a kennel, for the chance of his escape once people start coming in the morning is HIGH. While the cat is at large in my kennel building, I don’t want to leave any doggy doors open. Also, I have so much damned stuff that it is nearly impossible to approach a cat to convince it to come over to me. I need a fish net on a long pole.

Thanks for listening. All else is fine! I signed the papers for Susan’s and my house today.

Love, Ann

p.s. It’s 11 pm… I caught and comforted Winston and placed him back in an airline kennel with food, water and catnip (in a warm atmosphere with soft music playing). I did NOT try to shave off the mat that remains between the cat’s back legs. Just not that crazy…

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