Life and Pets

A better day…

Last night I felt like putting my head down on the desk and bawling. When I woke this morning, my first thought was, “What was it I was fretting about?”, and had to concentrate in order to remember.

As I’ve said before, I hate to hand over pets with an apology for something I was unable to accomplish, or a grooming job less than well done, or heaven forbid, some mishap. In the case of Winston the cat, I had been feeling so defeated, but the owner was very understanding. I almost forgot to suggest it, but at the last moment, I said to Dorian, “… unless you want to try holding the cat and I can try to get the last mat off.”. He said, “Sure.” and we proceeded to finish the job! It was, even then, all choppy and tufty everywhere on the cat, but the mats were gone. Dorian said, “I don’t think there’s a competition to go to next week.”. No, I know that Winston wouldn’t win a beautiful pet contest.

Winston would like me to die of cat scratch fever.

Winston would like me to die of cat scratch fever.

When Dorian drove up at 8 am., I simply let Timber out of his indoor kennel to greet “Dad” in the driveway. The man was getting a cat carrier out of the cab of the truck, and seemed to ignore his dog. Suddenly, Dorian actually recognized his beloved companion; I’d be the first to acknowledge that a double-coated, long-haired dog sheared SHORT will look like a different dog.



There is some controversy among groomers about shaving such a dog. I think it makes the animal feel comfortable, and though short, we don’t have to clip “surgically short”, and sometimes it even “buys” the dog some more hugs and petting. In rare instances, a dog’s coat will not grow back to its full glory, and that is the biggest part of the controversy. I think it’s worth the small risk, and many people who elect to have their dog clipped down every year will come back faithfully to have it done over and over. As long as I know a client can cope with their dog looking vastly different, and will protect their pet from sunburn, mosquitoes, or being cold, I am happy to do these grooming jobs. Sometimes other groomers will refuse, and then do the shampooing and brushing out for at least twice the fee.

As you can tell, this is a good day so far. Timber and Winston went home at 8 am., right after Baxter arrived and before Grizz & Tank came, and Polly too. So the lineup for today, for the moment:

Seltzer, Maya & Ceili, Gracie, Grizz & Tank, Tasha, Gus, Teeka, Festus, Duke, Khuno, Polly, Bodhi, Razz, Baxter and Karma. Seventeen! Along with residents McKenna, Lady, Taffy the guinea pig, and four cats.  At the moment, they are all snoozing or watching me type to you, or quietly watching the squirrel or Gary outdoors.


Last night while trying to corral the wayward cat… twice, in my building, I made a plan to get wild sorting, cleaning and perhaps getting rid of “stuff”. That is what I’ve been working on this morning, and I’m already tired.  Are you glad I’m taking my break with you?

I should get back at the work; I’m making progress! This deep cleaning and sorting is due, as I’ve ordered some kennel panels to replace the chain link indoor runs, and can use the ones I have, outdoors. I received the hydraulic table and it is not the panacea I’d hoped for, but I’ll keep it, and now I have even LESS room to move about. Must prioritize!

You might be proud of me… I made the decision this morning NOT to attend a yard sale. Too bad for me, in a way, but I got so much done, and didn’t bring any more stuff home.

Back later with pictures.

Love, Ann


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