Dogs and Life

Happy Easter, everyone…

I am wishing a good Easter weekend to everybody. I’m not religious and will not be going to church, but there is a certain pleasantry to this holiday regardless of our beliefs.

Gary and I watched most of ‘The Ten Commandments’ this evening, and I recall watching the movie at my mother’s side, sometime in the late fifties or during the sixties.

Gary and I ended up debating a bit about the Old Testament and why Christians consider the Exodus and the rest, “shared history”. I suck at any kind of debating and cannot make myself understood. I looked up some of the questions and points by Googling, and became more confused than ever. It’s no wonder that people study theology all of their lives, regardless of their faith.

It was not a very bright, sunshiny day, but it was acceptable. I took a walk up to the rock bluff on our property in order to get a spring picture for my website, . I replaced the winter picture on the first page of the site. The scenery is not lovely right now… aside from my “junk” stashed behind buildings, everything looks so grey and cheerless. Soon the green will show through the dead grasses and will grow up around the drainage ditches which look so messy and murky right now.

Ready for Spring?

Ready for Spring?

I gave Sparky a bath today; his owners didn’t know if they would return tonight or tomorrow. He will be staying over, as it turns out, so I will have time to get a nice picture of Sparky all fluffy and dry. He is a LOVE.

Sudsy Sparky

Sudsy Sparky

Shepherd arrived today. He is a nice dog too. Remember how I was telling you that sometimes at the Pet Hostel we have a “run on” certain types of dogs? At the moment we have several predominantly BLACK doggies, two might even be litter mates, or simply have some resemblance.



These pleasant and dark gals and guys are all here at the moment. Top row: Ceili, Sparky, Shepherd, Carly. Bottom row: Karma, Smudge, Cooper.

As well, at the Pet Hostel, are:



Top row: Bella, Bear, another Bear, Khuno. Bottom: Gus, Seltzer, Maya and McKenna.

My cup runneth over! This is the life I envisioned when I was a young girl. Actually, I dreamed of a yard and home with many pets, but I did not foresee that people would allow me to make a LIVING caring for their pets.

Tonight I sat for awhile in the recliner chair out in my kennel building. I had Prin on one arm of the chair, and Smokey in my arms. Both cats were purring, which was pleasant and surprising; I guess they are getting used to each other. They have to, if they want to share my lap or chair. Lady was communing with Taffy the guinea pig, and you can see, as I’ve said before, that Taffy seems oblivious to the danger just inches away.

IMG_8195 IMG_8172IMG_8182

To see bigger photos, you only need to click on the thumbnails.

Late this afternoon, I decided to fill the bird feeder: finally! The feeder had been empty for a couple of weeks, but I was unconcerned because there is always a huge accumulation of sunflower seeds (the only bird food I buy lately) in the garden. Mostly I was curious to see whether I had any seed left in the bin, and there were a couple of gallons there. I put them in a bucket, grabbed a small stepladder that allows me to reach the top of the feeder in order to fill it.

I set up the ladder, and because the ground is uneven where the feeder is, I “settled” it up against the pole. As I stepped up, I felt the ladder settle a bit more under my weight, and I put the bucket onto the shelf. Then the pole started to give way, taking the ladder with it, and I rode the whole affair to the ground. Actually, I sort of “jumped” on the way down, and was completely unhurt, and it seemed like a slow-motion slapstick movie scene where everything came to a standstill for a moment, and only THEN did the bucket of birdseed land, spilling the contents where the sunflower seeds were already two inches deep in the garden.

The glass on both sides of this beloved feeder broke, so I spent quite some time picking shards from the mulch, weeds and seeds so that no animal will get a cut paw, or no human will kneel on broken glass. Ugh. The pole, as it became clear, had rotted off.


Tomorrow is Sunday brunch, and I have a little dog grooming to do, but I just intend to putter much of the day.

I love you for visiting here. Thank you for being interested in my Blog. ~ Ann


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