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Can’t think of a catchy title…

Really, sometimes I can’t think of a thing for that Title Field at the top of a new post. I’m so glad you’re here reading my Blog anyway.

The day started just a little extra early, as a friend had to drop her dogs off for grooming before 7 am.. I know her well: she does not say she’s coming at 6:45 and then show up at 11, so I’m happy to be dressed and out the door to greet her so that she can get to work on time.

I wasn’t very good at taking pictures today, but I wanted to share this anecdote about one of my friend’s dogs, Sadie, and the “Thundershirt™”.

After reading in one of my groomers’ facebook pages about Thundershirts more than a year ago, I bought one. This is a stretchy pet garment designed to deliver a sort of “hug” to a dog who is made nervous by storms or other frightening phenomena, and I had had a medium Thundershirt on my shelf, unopened all these months.

For whatever reason, Sadie is stressed and shaky here (maybe she remembers when her owner brought her here with dozens of quills for me to extract?). She is a friendly dog, not inclined to snap or be uncooperative on the grooming table or anywhere. But poor Sadie was trembling so hard that the table was banging against the wall, and this was my solution:


As if by magic, Sadie stopped shaking altogether, and her tail even wagged. This success would suggest to me that I should invest in a selection of sizes of Thundershirts for my business. Putting Sadie at ease made my DAY!

I also groomed the wee little dog from the same owner, Nellie. I’ll share an older pic:


My friend who owns Sadie and Nellie lost her basset hound this week. I feel very sad for Teddy’s family, but they gave her a long life (with the best of veterinary care when she TWICE got attacked by a deer!), and eventually had to take the dog to the vet for one last kindness… euthanasia.


Then I bathed and brushed the small collie named “Lady”. She was nervous but compliant, and I reassured her as I worked. Lady is at the limit of the weight I can lift by myself; I can hardly wait for my hydraulic table to arrive!


I was happy to finish the grooming before having a late lunch at Morels with my friend Chris. She is a dog groomer in a nearby town, and we often compare notes and trade secrets, and laugh at ourselves and occasionally customers and quirky pets. Chris knew Felicia better than I did. They were truly friends, and so we talked of Felicia and her sense of humour, and shed a few tears too.

Chris and I can’t get together very often… mostly we visit on Facebook, so this was a real treat for me, and two hours simply vanished.

Tonight we are taking care of Seltzer, Maya and Ceili, Sparky, Carly, Gus, Cooper, Bella, Bear, another Bear, Kuhno, Karma and Smudge. That is beside our own “clan” … McKenna is Shelly’s dog but mostly stays with us (happier in the country!). Tonight, nobody is an incorrigible barker; they are all fed and bedded down.

Perhaps tomorrow I will go ’round taking pictures again. It will be an easier day, in a sense.

I learned today that the father of my “oldest” friend has died. I haven’t been able to talk to Deb, so I don’t know whether this was completely unexpected, but I rather think so. I will remember Lionel as the dad and neighbour who always called me, “Annie Get Your Gun”, and though I didn’t even know where the expression came from, he always said it with affection. Because Deb and I met when she was three and I was four, I heard that term of endearment quite often in our growing-up years!

Thank you for visiting with me tonight. I felt so weary earlier, achy and uncomfortable. Even though it’s now close to midnight, I feel better now! Though there is much sadness and strife and worry all over, I am also feeling better able to cope and count my blessings, and hope that I can also help or reassure someone else in the days to come.

Love, Ann


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