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Challenging day…

The work has not been too hard: I started out the day babysitting Seltzer, Maya, and Ceili, Baxter, Cooper, Beastie, Karma and Hunter, Missy, Gus and Willis. Now some of my darlings have gone home and others have arrived.

Missy was picked up, and her owner was quite pleased with the results of the grooming I did. Hunter, Beastie and Baxter went home this evening. Smudge arrived this morning, and Bella, Bear and Khuno this afternoon.

I am discombobulated tonight because I learned that a friend was killed in a snowmobile accident. I’m not so close that I learned this “first hand”, but I feel awfully sad nonetheless. Felicia was a customer at the Pet Hostel, and here was where we were first acquainted. When later I learned that she had “gone mobile” as a dental technician, I not only remembered her sparkling white teeth, but her cheery demeanor, and I quickly signed up for her services. To that point we had mostly been in contact via eMail.

When I got my teeth cleaned by Felicia, it felt like a renewed friendship, although it is difficult to have a great gab-fest in that situation. We had decided to get together for lunch or something (where I was not the PATIENT). It is to my regret that six months had gone by, and I was due for another checkup, and we still had not hooked up for a visit as friends. I will not pretend that we were closer than we actually were, but sometimes people just hit it off with someone else, and admire and adore them.



So… I was feeling sorrowful about Felicia’s death when I got the news that the offer Su and I made on a house was accepted! Susan is now a landowner! We bought one of McBride’s crap houses, as opposed to one of the town’s crack houses… for about the price of the lovely lot that it’s on. The dwelling is barely habitable, but my daughter and I are hoping to make it rentable for at least SOME time, with little monetary investment. I’ll keep you posted!

I only had two and a half dogs to groom today. I will have to post older pictures of the sweet pair, Ginger and Turbo. Late this afternoon, I grabbed Maya, Shelly’s dog, who had a poopy butt, and gave the little dear a lion cut. Not sure that I will leave Maya like that.


I’m getting the message that I have a low battery on this iPad. If I plug it in, I will have to get up off the couch. I’m not done with my repose or my weeping over Felicia, so I’ll just say, “Talk to you later!”

Love, as always, Ann


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