Dogs and Life

Busy days, smooth sailing…

Haven’t been fretting too much today, except that Shelly was travelling back to Calgary. I was very busy with dog care and grooming, and so the hours went by quickly, and my girl sent progress reports.

I took care of Sky today, the beloved bearded collie cross who owns friends of mine. I love this dog… so quiet and unassuming, but willing to visit and cuddle when I sit down.



Sky’s parents gave me a lovely bouquet of carnations when they came back from the city; the scent was heavenly and I enjoyed the mix of colours:

Carnations as a tip

Carnations as a tip

I’m boarding Missy for a few days, and her owners gave their consent for me to groom the little Siberian Husky. I was “warned” that there was no way that I could get water through her thick coat, so naturally this was a like a double dare to me. Indeed, I got the dog shampooed right to the skin, blown out with two different kinds of dryers, brushed and combed over a period of hours. Missy yipped and yelped and howled while being bathed and blown dry … typical husky behaviour, and then she was calm and cooperative for the rest of the beautification.

I sing the song of my people.

I sing the song of my people.

♫ I'm so pretty, oh so pretty ... ♪♩

♫ I feel pretty, oh so pretty …

My joy and great fortune in the last two weeks is that we had visits from Susan and then Shelly. Later in the Spring, I hope to get to Calgary to visit with Kim and her spouse. I was thrilled to learn that all three daughters plan to come here for my 30th anniversary-in-business, on July 12th. See the countdown calendar to the right of this post.

Tomorrow Baxter, Willis and Beastie are slated to go home, and other dogs will come for the Easter weekend. I don’t have plans other than to take care of my precious charges.

I made an effort to put together a seder plate for Passover. I enjoyed hearing Gary read aloud about the history of the Jewish tradition/holiday. We shared the main meal with Shelly: roast chicken and baby potatoes and I forget what else. We ate cheesecake for dessert, not necessarily Kosher, but not completely blasphemous for the occasion.


I’m out of energy for sitting at the computer, but have been glad to chat with you for a few minutes.

Take care, everyone.

~ Ann

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