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Here I am again, Part 2 … fretting

What do I have to fret about, you ask? NOTHING, really, but that doesn’t stop a worrier from worrying.


Shelly is driving out from Calgary today. It was just last Monday that I had the prerogative of worrying until Susan arrived! This is all my blessing and great fortune, to be able to fret while my daughters are on their way to see ME (and other family, and friends, of course!).

On my mind as well, is a project that Su and I have hatched. It’s not really a worry or a problem, but it occupies some space in my mind.

As I work in my kennel building, I fret that I have competition in the business, nearby! I am friends with competitors who are a certain distance away, but they are people who have been forthright and honest; we compare notes and  send customers back and forth depending on our respective workloads. The plain truth is that I have enough work to keep me occupied and to pay my share of recurring bills, maintenance, and a certain degree of progress and expansion. I think what troubles me most is that I know I’m being talked about, and I don’t know what is said, and I have zero control over this. I know, I know… I just have to keep doing my best, and let the chips fall, blah, blah. Then I worry that I am really doing my competitor’s advertising for her, by discussing it with anyone.

As I work this morning, I can’t let go of the fact that one of my closest friends said that my kennel building appeared to be more about the hobbies and crafts than it is about the dog business. I was horrified. I know I don’t have to defend myself in my Blog, but this troubled me because I spent tens of thousands of dollars making a PET haven. I spend many hours listening to music, sewing (often for animals), beading, reading or watching videos in this place that is what? A benefit to both me and to the pets. We have our family laundry out here and many tools that anyone could want in a workshop… in order to fix almost anything. I typically spend many hours per day here… I’m on the computer right now, with WiFi, gabbing with my darling readers.

Am I being defensive? You bet! Is it necessary? Probably not. But this is MY blog, and I’m babbling about the things that I fret about.

So today, I have quite a bit of grooming to do. I am often lost in my head while I work, talking to the doggies some of the time. It’s good to be busy. I have already been tidying so that others will not think that crafting is my priority.  I MUST get rid of some “stuff”.

I’m going to launch this post without too much proof-reading, because I have to “go to work”. No sense worrying about more issues, such as making grammar and spelling errors, or taking too long to finish grooming!

Love you for reading my Blog.

~ Ann

One thought on “Here I am again, Part 2 … fretting

  1. Ann, I think it is lovely that your pet haven has been described as a craft room. To me that means that you spend time with your charges while doing other things besides just the basic care. You go out there to do things you love – be creative and be with the furry guests. I really appreciate knowing that. And though we haven’t used your services much, I know that Sassy will be well cared for when she is there.
    Thank you for sharing all your passions in one space.

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