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End of week…

It’s Friday and I’m dog-tired. Just weary.

Today we nipped into Prince George for non-emergency medical appointments (non-emergency, but made weeks in advance). I informed my customers that I would be away for the day, and really, we only were unavailable for about as long as many dog owners work in a day. Also, we had friends watching over the place and on “standby”.

Oscar and Bella arrived this morning very early, and Kip in the afternoon. I don’t have new pictures of these darlings yet. Beau went home last night at 11 pm.. Willis went home this afternoon. We are still babysitting Ruby, Lush and Joke, Cleo, Smudge, and Hunter. Tomorrow, Polly, Tasha and Duke will come: it’s a revolving “dog door”!



Every dog is special. Beau has a large piece of my heart. He is stressed when he is here and is not used to being confined even in our largest kennels. I know he likes me, but I have not let him loose around the yard to find out if he would stay near. Beau ate a little of his usual kibble when I dressed it with saucy canned dog food, but generally he still seemed a bit “out of sorts”. I discovered while he visited that he would turn and eat all treats and more of his meal if I went in the run and sat on his dog bed beside him! For almost thirty years I’ve been saying that I will do almost anything to encourage a dog to eat well and feel at home while in my care.

When did I last talk to you? I should read my own blog before launching another conversation!

Thursday was a relatively easy day. I clipped and bathed Murphy first thing in the morning. Much of the rest of the day I was on a search for (sorry in advance…) dog shit, and disposing of same.



Oh yes! I did bath and brush Cleo, as she was a muddy little farm dog on Thursday:



I want to show you the kennels at night… I love “bed check” after “lights out”, as it still looks so festive in the building, and there is music playing softly to enhance the mood. Most dogs seem calm at this time of day. Photo, of course, is lit by the camera flash: it loses some of its charm in this view.


The kennels at night

The kennels at night

I’m going to retire to a quiet corner of the house. I love you for visiting.

~ Ann

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