Dogs and Life


… has been another good day.

I clipped the nails on this little mite, and babysat him for half the day. I didn’t have to groom “Joe”, but I introduced him to the clippers (showed them to him and turned them on for just a couple of seconds). When he gets to be a couple of months old, his owner will bring him for a haircut.

Joe at 10 weeks

Joe at 10 weeks

Little Chelsea comes to see me about once per year. Her owner likes to have her clipped short in the Spring, in conjunction with a frenzy of spring cleaning. She is a wonderful senior dog; I’ll show you pics of Chelsea before and after. Please keep in mind that the dog is happy either way, and I’m following instructions:


Darling boy Jack went home today, and Hunter and Beau arrived. These two are really neat dogs, too, and very little trouble.

I sat on doggy beds while I clipped the nails on the three “ladies” who visit here together.







Sure as hell, I got one of Ruby’s nails too short again. Though I didn’t “tag” the dewclaw by very much at all, it dripped blood steadily even through blood-stopper powder. I had to bandage the paw with cotton wool, gauze and VetWrap™. By the time she chewed the dressing off, the flow had quit. I’m going to start calling her a hemophiliac hound… I’ve never seen anything like it.

Tonight I dined at Morels, treating myself to blackened chicken burger with fries. It was scrumptious, and I downed the meal like a lumberjack. By that, I mean I ate it fast… I think I still had some table manners. I combined the stop at the restaurant with my errands of the day … picking up the mail and returning library books.

I provided day care today for “Sky”, who is affable and adaptable. Her owners are quite stressed out at the separation from her, but the dog seems fine. This type of dog looks beautiful to me, and her manners in the house are impeccable. Therefore, she gets extra privileges.

Sky, Lady, McKenna

Sky, Lady, McKenna

Tonight, I phoned the wife of my ex-husband’s cousin. The family had been on my mind because they live in Washington, 80 miles from the catastrophic mudslides that just happened.

Some people are meant to be friends forever even if you are many hundreds of miles apart and are not in touch for years. Sandie and I talked for an hour and a half! We have a few shared memories, and many experiences in common including those with parents and grown children. We barely scratched the surface.

It is time to check on the doggy guests once more and then get to bed. This is early for me to retire for the night, but I was up early when Gary left for his ski days, and now I’m sleepy.

Love to you all. ~ Ann

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