Dogs and Life

Good day, down anyway…

These two small cuties came to see me today:






What a pair, eh? Fergie and Lily always get beautified in one visit, as their owners are closely related. Both dogs are amazing to groom: I find it hard to imagine how a tiny dog can remain calm during the process. Their feet are barely bigger than my thumbnail. They both stay still while I gently scissor around their eyes, mouths, feet and at their hind ends, and buzz off their bodies with the clippers. Both are phenomenal for toenail clipping. Though they tremble a bit, they are confident enough to offer kisses.

Neither Lily nor Fergie are any part pomeranian, but I found myself missing Callie again. I hope my heart will feel better soon.

I was talking to a fellow groomer today, and she sent me a picture of a tiny black pomeranian who will be up for adoption in nearby Kamloops soon. Funny thing, I was unmoved by the photo. I am just not ready. There will never be another dog like Callie. I know I’m repeating myself.

Tonight, I expect that Cole and K9 will go home. Gracie was reunited with her loving owner this morning. Natty arrived today, and we have Cleo coming back for an unexpected and indefinite stay. We like to be flexible, and people know that we’re here for them when they have an emergency.



I’m competing with the TV and can’t think. I’m so achy tonight that I’m really irritable and edgy, plus I had nightmares last night (who knows with dreams, perhaps it was just for a few minutes this morning) and woke up feeling weary! Tomorrow is another day.

Love, Ann




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