Dogs and Life

Feelin’ alright…

Have had a great couple of days, mainly grooming dogs. I bath/brush/clip as many dogs in a whole day as most groomers do in a morning. I’ve never understood how one person, or even one groomer with a “bather” can do 10 or 12 or more dogs in a day, however long that work day is. I don’t care! If what my community needs is for me to take care of just these numbers in a day or week, I’m happy.

Today I groomed Snowy, Josie and Missy:







I got little kisses from each of the three. Shhhh… please don’t tell Gary, lest he never kiss my face again (I do wash, occasionally).

Yesterday was busy, too, my my standards:







Katie is the one who looks the most beseeching and disconcerted, but “at the end of the day”, literally, she was the one who got to sit on my lap the longest!

I love my job.

Closely related to dog care, this is what I did with a perfect “candle holder”… the ice at the bottom of a dog bucket this morning. I put a scented votive candle in it, and enjoyed the lovely aroma and the pretty effect:


Yesterday, Bodhi went home all clean and fluffy. He was no trouble at all, though I have to watch him around the cats. He showed his disdain for Shuster when I put the big dog in the kennel next to his: Bodhi barked more in 5 minutes than he had in a week.

Shuster went home. He had shown his disdain for our chain link dog runs, by worrying the gate and latch until he could walk out. He didn’t go far, but he does not like to be confined even to our finest, biggest kennels. The “leash” that comes here with Shuster is actually a 10 foot vinyl covered cable clothesline which has the dog’s bite marks along almost every inch. Seeing this should remind me that Shuster needs special handling.

Speaking of special handling, Beastie also went home. I explained to his owner that the dog didn’t like being with us for the first couple of days, but that he had settled in nicely. The kindly man was concerned that Beastie had demolished anything or was any trouble, and insisted on paying the proper rate for an “intact” dog (I had quoted the wrong price on the phone but intended to honour the quote). I assured Beastie’s “dad” that the big dog is welcome here in the future.

So tonight, we don’t have too many guests, though tomorrow more will arrive. It’s funny how this happens: today there are only black dogs, and at other times we will have six or eight yellow/gold dogs, or a run on cats to board, or just border collies or just wee little dogs. These are wild and fun coincidences. Our boarding family tonight consists of K9, Gracie, Cole and Smudge. Another black dog, Natty, is coming tomorrow morning!

We had quite a snowfall on Tuesday evening and night, and because Wednesday was a ski day for Gary, I took it upon myself to clear the driveway. I didn’t have much time between dog grooming appointments, so I made a couple of paths up and down the hill at top speed so that customers could get in and out. I never did get back at my shoddy job, so when my dear hubby came home this afternoon, he tidied up.

No reflections on anything else tonight! Hope you are all well. Thanks for coming here to visit with me.

~ Ann




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