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My strong stomach…

It was like a miracle. The wee doggie that had the stretched anus recovered almost completely overnight (where she was being babysat). You KNOW you want to see it:

IMG_7455  I just gave you the thumbnail this time. Who needs to see an asshole that big? When I posted these pictures, for educational purposes and shock value, in my Facebook Group, “Unbelievable Crap Groomers See…”, one groomer said, “Oh! A picture of my ex-husband.”  Funny eh? Many of us couldn’t or wouldn’t ever say such a thing, but that WAS pretty humorous. In my own case, it wouldn’t remotely fit, as I think highly of my “ex” and his family.

This week I’ve seen a few things that almost had me gagging. Today I found many tapeworm segments under the tail of the dog I was bathing. I kept rinsing them down the drain, and it seemed that more kept appearing, though none were moving, thank goodness. I will recommend that the owners get the meds from the local vet or one of their choosing; it’s a simple fix, and the dog is in otherwise perfect condition and health.

tapeworm segments

tapeworm segments

I had the impacted doggie the day after Joey, who had an accumulation of diarrhea under his tail. Last night the huge shepherd “Beastie” defecated in his cozy indoor kennel and paced back and forth many times through it all, spreading it over his pile of blankets and the floor. He had urinated into the neighbouring run, quite a lake. This dog had been moved indoors about 10 pm. and I was back out to liberate everyone at 8 am.. This was obviously too long for Beastie, but if he stays outdoors he keeps us awake and appears likely to demolish the chain link gate or dig out.

Yesterday I groomed a smaller dog and found fleas. Fleas are not common in our area and mostly found on pets who have visited warmer areas, but they can live a long time in households, and transmit to dogs, cats, bedding, furniture, carpeting and baseboards. Finding fleas does not elicit a gag response in me, but stresses me a bit… back into the tub for a flea bath goes the dog, and then I don’t relax until I have found every dead flea possible. Heaven forbid I find a live one still on the animal.


On another dog, I found nails that were unbelievably long and curled around and under. No wonder the little guy didn’t want to walk!

Finding feces, mats soaked with urine, tapeworm segments or maggots, ghastly nails, eye boogers, rotten teeth, vomit (uncommonly),  porcupine quills, tumors, hotspots, unmentionable exudates and the like… I truly have to have a strong stomach! These things were not all found on the same animal, at least not this week. I’m telling the truth and not naming names, so don’t sue me. 😉

Yet I LOVE my career!

I was asked today to give some consideration to fostering two lab puppies for a year for a reduced fee. The story tugged at my heart, but I’ve been here before. I quoted the regular boarding rate for any number of dogs for any amount of time, but promised to give it more thought. I will help by spreading the word, if nothing else. If I wanted to, I could open a rescue/adoption shelter overnight, and sometimes I can hardly sleep at night for thinking of abandoned and suffering animals. I also worry about hungry humans.

I am babysitting the dog, “K9” for a little while. He is the most pleasant, loveable goof, probably a mix of golden retriever and border collie. He resembles a purebred flat-coated retriever, but that breed is uncommon. We don’t care about his breeding, as he is 100% sweet!

K9 in the tub

K9 in the tub

Yesterday, I groomed the tiny princess, Princess. You can imagine this tugged at my heart: another pomeranian in my care!



Here’s an “old” favourite. Kipper is a large Yorkshire Terrier whose loving owner says that I can “Make him look like the Taco Bell dog!”. Yes, I can do that. Kipper was given a new sweater to celebrate; I love it!


This morning I went looking for Dorothy, an elderly friend who lost her precious sheltie, Lady, a few weeks ago. I really wanted to be able to talk about how wonderful our “late” pets had been. The conversation didn’t really turn out that way, but I had a nice visit anyway. I felt blue and was crying over Callie again last night, and Gary comforted me. Maybe it is time to let go of the grief. Right.

I didn’t take a picture of Beastie yet. Each time I think of it, my time is occupied by either trying to control him on the leash, clean up his messes, or change his kennel to be more secure. The dog has relaxed and is fussing less and less by the hour, so I feel encouraged: the first couple of days that Beastie boarded, I wasn’t sure HOW I could cope, and even considered having the owner return for him, if that were even possible.

Two nights ago, I set up a baby monitor which has video and a “Speak to Baby” feature, in order to watch over Beastie in the night. Unfortunately, the monitor works well only to our porch, which makes sense, as one is unlikely to leave a baby in an outbuilding and need the transmission to work through three walls and more than fifty feet of distance. Even so, I check the monitor from time to time to see that the big dog settles down, and I can speak into the machine, “Settle DOWN!”, if I realize that Beastie is pacing or barking. Obviously the system is not fool-proof, as I missed seeing the dog messing in his kennel last night; I need to sleep sometimes!

We have Festus here for just two days. He, along with Jasper, are wonderful, well-adjusted, loveable Shepherds. Festus is accustomed to staying here, and I think his calmness is influencing Beastie. I have them separated by several runs, within sight of each other. Beastie is not neutered, so requires especially careful handling.



What else can I tell you? I’ve kept you updated pretty well in the past few weeks, haven’t I!

Yippee! Tomorrow is Sunday and the usual breakfast club. Tonight I’m making Chinese food, which is a fairly big production for a meal for just the two of us, but I take most cooking and baking in stride. I get a craving, and just go with it, and Gary seems to appreciate the effort every time.

Bella & Oreo

Bella & Oreo


The above is not a very becoming picture of me, showing every wrinkle and every chin. I am sharing because I couldn’t get the phrase, “Just me and my bat-cat” out of my little mind… Prin’s head looks like Batman in silhouette.

Love you for reading my blog. Take care of yourselves and each other. XXX Ann

One thought on “My strong stomach…

  1. Sheesh! Poor dog. So glad that, as fate would have it, she was in your care and you noticed the issue, otherwise it might not have ended as well. You are truly a kind and patient soul to be able to care for these animals and discover some times horrific things and then deal with them. As for letting grief go….it’s very hard. At night, I still wait for Ren to hop up and snuggle with me on the bed like he always did. It’s devastating when he doesn’t and then, like a cold glove across the face, I remember….. hugs to you.

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