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Guerrilla printing …


I’m not a luddite, but neither am I very techy. Am not gifted nor intuitive; I struggle to solve computer problems or quirks of the peripherals such as printers.

A couple of years ago, I invested in a beautiful Canon “All in One” machine. That’s what it was sold as, though I think it was limited to scanning, copying and printing, and not to faxing, but that was fine. Come to think of it, I think it was an “add on” when I ordered the iMac computer that we use now.

That printer didn’t get used very hard, but it was satisfactory. As luck would have it, just after I ordered some new printer cartridges (for more than $100), an error message started showing up that we were to “unplug immediately and contact our service representative”. There was no smoke, but there was nothing that we could do to repair the machine, and even the error notice was intimidating.

We used an old “boat anchor” printer that came with one of our first Macs, and it was reliable, but couldn’t scan.

When I was in Prince George with Shelly in December, we took the Canon printer and were unable to find anyone who fixed printers. Period. We went to Future Shop and were looked after by “Kevin”, who was happy to sell us the last of a discontinued and discounted Canon printer/copier/scanner. It was regularly priced at $149., on sale for $59! I was THRILLED.

We used this new machine occasionally for two months until the day I tried to feed a fragment of label paper through it. Now I had always done this with success using the boat anchor printer, but with the newest Canon, I created the most hopeless of paper jams. We took apart any screw or part that was accessible, and eventually could SEE the scrap of paper, but could not retrieve it. A brain surgeon might have been impressed at the process! Gary didn’t get angry with me, nor I at him, but we pronounced this situation hopeless. We both expected that I’d have to replace the three-month-old printer, but took it into Prince George in March, to find out.

They chuckled a bit, at Future Shop. The technicians worked on the patient… er, printer, just at the front counter. It was like brain surgery all over again. We all remarked on how flimsy printers are made, as if not designed to be taken apart at all. Once we pronounced the situation hopeless, we all felt better.

So I came home with ANOTHER Canon machine. The technician John sold me a model which takes the same ink cartridges as the paper-jammed model, which was helpful because I had stocked up on ink when I shopped in December, spending considerably more money than the cost of the printer on sale. He cheerfully remarked that the models were “so close that you might not have to reinstall the Drivers.”.

I should have known it wouldn’t be so easy. Shortly after we got home from Prince George, and after I gathered my wits somewhat after losing my little lap dog, I set up the newest new Canon printer. It works wirelessly, as did the last model. The Setup was easy to follow, and I printed a “Test Page”, which was entirely satisfactory, and I put the old boat anchor printer away.

Yesterday I went to print a recipe from the computer, and got an error message that the printer couldn’t be found. There is now a long list of printers that comes up when I want to print, most of which are now in recycling, but the current machine would not print. I tried the CD that came with the printer… said that our COMPUTER was not up to date. I went looking online for the Drivers and while those were downloading, I went back to dog grooming.

This morning I still did not have any luck, to a point. I uninstalled drivers and reinstalled drivers. I erased the list of printers, added the newest one and made it the default. I was thinking hard, with no TV on, sweating with the effort. I restarted the computer and the printer. Finally I came across a button on the computer screen which said, “Print Test Page”, and tried that. A sample page printed, and then, lo and behold, the RECIPE printed with success!

I think the success was due to the fact that I had my fingers crossed at the last step.

Anyway, this is my tale of patience and persistence and good luck today.

That is all.Love, Ann

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