Dogs and Life

Ahhhhhhh … end of day.

Sometimes the end of a day seems so very delicious. I didn’t do any great thing today, well, perhaps this depends who you speak to (read on). I did not work hard. I slept well and arose at a normal time, about 7 a.m..

Tonight I feel inordinately weary. I’m achy and now that I’ve had a hot shower, cozy. I will just stay wrapped up in front of the TV until I need to take care of doggies again.

This morning I was feeling irritable and agitated. A customer who I expected at 7 a.m. arrived at 10:30, with a huge intact older male German Shepherd who was very upset about the new circumstances and being left behind here. As the big dog yelped and barked and bounced off the chain link fence, I wondered if he might be able to jump out. “Beastie” gave me a wary look as I attached his leash and led him to a covered run. There he proceeded to try to dig under the gate, and was biting the metal mesh as well. It’s not the dog’s fault that this is all so upsetting. The separation was not easy for Beastie’s owner, either, but at least you can reason with a man. Sort of.

Then a friend phoned in some distress: her dog has had an issue with loose stools and was in urgent need of cleaning up… (drum roll) I’m your gal! Over the years I have learned to “pace myself”, so I booked the poor stinky dog in for AFTER a long lunch on the town.

I was debating about cancelling my luncheon date. I spoke to Beastie to reassure him, tried to bribe him with treats, and told him I’d be back soon. When I got to the restaurant, I ordered tea instead of coffee for the benefit of my nerves, and while Judy and I were laughing about my mood, our young waiter suggested a shot of Grand Marnier to go with the tea. THAT was SO GOOD!

I’m just rambling, sorry. We had our lunch, and it was delightful, and I hurried home to face the smelly-butt poodle. The grooming job turned out to be quite routine for me. And Beastie has calmed himself.

Joey's "selfie" on my lap.

Joey’s “selfie” on my lap.


The wee dog “Odie” went home today. I so enjoy the jaunty fellow, sweet tempered and obedient. He enjoys barking quite a bit, but that is not unusual around here.


Odie gets to hang out in the house

A kiss for McKenna

A kiss for McKenna

Chimo went home today. I will miss him; he’s almost human. After Callie died, as I cried in my recliner chair out in the kennel, Chimo came over and put his great head in my lap. It was a comfort.


So the population is as follows: Willis, Bodhi, Ghost, K9, Beastie, Nugget, Zippy, and our own McKenna, Lady, Prin, Smokey, Fiona, Gilbert, and guinea pig Taffy. Such a fine, fine, bunch.

Thanks for checking in with me. I hope you all have had a good day. As long as Beastie feels better about being here, things are pretty stable and happy.  I’m looking forward to some more dog grooming tomorrow and Gary returning from the ski slopes.

Have a good day tomorrow too!

Love, Ann

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