Just Life

Hangin’ Out …

Here I sit in a motel room in Prince George, BC.. It’s a sort of vacation in itself, as Gary and I wait for his medical procedure in the morning.

My darling encouraged me to go have a nice meal on my own, though he couldn’t. I thought long and hard about this; for two days I’ve eaten surreptitiously, feeling guilty. Zev suggested that we try the “pasta place”, Cimo, but Gary and I might want a breakfast or luncheon tomorrow, not an elegant dinner.

Out of respect for Zev, was I not obliged to try the Mediterranean/pasta place? I went there on my own, and the drink special was 1/2 litre of wine for only $9.50 (regularly $21), and I ordered that, which played a part in me feeling more at ease!

I took my iPhone with me, and for some reason I could not connect to the Internet via Wifi OR 3G, and for some reason I didn’t even ask… instead, I read nearly a whole book about being at ease talking to strangers! I laughed with the waitress about me looking like I spent the whole evening looking at the salt shaker.

After receiving the wine, which the waitress ceremoniously poured for me, I ordered the Bison Ragout over spaghetti. It was divine! I felt like some important, or self-important, food critic, but didn’t think to take a photo. The portions were modest but sufficient. The pleasant waitress was accommodating and efficient without being ingratiating. Do you know what I mean?

I asked for simply a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and black coffee for dessert, and that’s what I got. I didn’t feel rushed or slighted in the least, though the restaurant was busy; at another time we will remember to make reservations, even on a week night.

Yesterday, I heard from my life-long friend Deb. We talked for a long time on the phone, and barely scratched the surface. I do hope that I manage to see her soon..

That’s all I have to say for the night! Gary and I are spending an evening much like we would at home: TV on, me online too.

Thank you to Les and Nancy for watching over the Pet Hostel, and our other friends as “backup”. Love you all so much.

~ Ann

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