Dogs and Life

A good day…

It has been a good day.

I wasn’t happy that poor Gary was delayed at Revelstoke because of highway closures for avalanche control, but that has been resolved and he’ll be on his way home tomorrow. He has had a great ski vacation.

I didn’t really accomplish much today. Most of the time, I was waiting for customers, with not enough “break” in between to dash into town. Eventually, I was able to get away to the dump, post office, hardware store, and Village Office to renew my driver’s licence. This was the last day I could renew my licence and CareCard before the expiration date! I missed getting to the grocery store or the insurance office (for the little car) and GASP … missed the coffee shop too. There’s tomorrow to catch up on those things.

In mid afternoon, I groomed this wee, ancient shih tzu. His owners were um… overdue to have the dog groomed.



Nails - before

Nails – before

Freshly groomed

Freshly groomed

Nails - after

Nails – after

I have some ol’ favourites staying with me right now. Oh, okay… almost every pet is a treasured friend.





Willis "loves" Taffy

Willis “loves” Taffy

It’s time for a bed check and brief exercise break for the guests.

Take care, everybody. ~ Ann

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