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Yard March 4, 2014

Yard March 4, 2014

It snowed all day yesterday. I was watching with a critical eye, “Will I have to get out the tractor? Might I just ignore the accumulation if it stops soon? Do I actually have to shovel?”.

Perhaps I should be more abashed, but I’m not: Gary does almost all of the snow handling at our home. He patiently shovels pathways to all of the dog runs, and into the dog runs, even though they haven’t been occupied most of this winter. There is always a smooth pathway out to the kennel building, the vehicles, the horse barn and trough. The long driveway is always passable for friends and customers.

Gary is away for a well-deserved ski vacation, and I am getting another taste of my own incompetence. I haven’t been able to start my truck for days, though I have the car, so that’s not a hardship. Even so, I feel foolish because I don’t want to go looking for a battery charger to solve the problem and I’m worried that I would “do it” wrong.

Today I had to go looking for an electrical cord that actually FIT into the electric-start walk-behind snow blower. I was already visualizing and congratulating myself on doing the work of removing the snow, or at least moving it around. Got the cord, primed the machine, set the throttle and whatever the other thing was, to high or whatever that was… motor roars but won’t turn over. I’m sure it’s something simple, but this is frustrating.

Truck still won’t start this morning. I wondered if the breaker had somehow tripped for our outlet outside, but no.

The driveway is not drifted or snowed in, so none of this is an emergency. I have plugged the tractor in, and hope to push some snow around this afternoon. I had never had any trouble starting the John Deere, but Gary had mentioned that it had been a bit quirky to start lately, so there is a possibility that I will have to open the hood and “wiggle the negative post”. Wish me luck.

This is on top of a little discouragement I had yesterday. It turned out all right, but I felt stressed all afternoon until it was resolved.

Can I not even be away for two hours for the fund-raising dinner for the Robson Valley Spay and Neuter Society? I had left all the doggy and kitty guests fed, exercised and happy (and groomed, in this case), and left a BIGASS sign on the door of my kennel. I had even checked to be sure it was visible from the driveway, and the outdoor motion detector light was in operation. The interior of the space was very brightly lit. I believed that it was clear that my customers could walk in to collect their pets.

When I got home from the engagement, nobody had been picked up, which was also fine. There was no message on our answering machine. I hugged my guests and opened doors to the outdoor runs, and let some run at liberty while I watched; I did this twice during the evening as I usually do.

In midday yesterday, I got a phone call about being nowhere to be found when my customer needed to pick up her pets. She had driven in and walked up to the kennel building to look at my pretty business sign, but didn’t see the note on the door (poor doggies must have been frantic at this point). She said she had phoned and left a message. She said that she “waited and waited” at home until she gave up and went to bed. I felt sick and sorry that she had been so inconvenienced and now had to leave the gang here until after 6 pm.. I didn’t charge for the day, but felt frustrated that I can’t be away for even two hours without there being SOME kind of upset and retribution.

The situation turned out fine. Both my customer and I were civil when she came for her pets. She left a little tip saying, “I’ll just let it go…”, which was a bit cryptic, considering the situation.

I will simply have to do a better job of remembering if I have an appointment or an engagement at the time customers might need to be here, and leave instructions for if I’m away. I LOVE my career, but sometimes it seems that we’re not appreciated for being here 22 to 24 hours per day, every day. Sometimes we just need to be somewhere else during normal business hours, and that’s why we like to know when to expect people, or we leave a note on the door, double check the damned answering machine often, etc..

Oops, now I’m getting agitated. Call it caffeine psychosis, if you like. I’m going to go pour another cup, with Bailey’s this time.

Have a great day, everyone! XXX Love you!

My web address for Robson Valley Pet Hostel is this:

The site features my mission statement, rates, some rules that we are not too rigid about, and many, many pictures of wonderful guests.

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