Life and Pets

Run, run, run…

I try not to whine when the Pet Hostel has a slow spell. It seems like the last few days have been hectic, and I’m not complaining about THAT, either!

Today, I’ve been trying to get the grooming done on the pets who are to go home tomorrow. If I don’t manage this, then my Sunday is committed to the work. This morning, I had one very heavy dog to bath and brush, and I got interrupted several times, so I had to lift her down and put her in her kennel, and then start again each time. I did get through that job, and the busy morning. I’m tired and achy and a bit cranky.

We had the most delightful dinner with friends at the Chinese smorgasbord last night in town! That kind of visit sustains me. The food was excellent. The conversation covered a myriad of topics, and I didn’t even want to go home when others decided it was time. I’m now looking forward to Sunday brunch with our friends, and then Gary is leaving for a few days’ ski vacation.

We have not had the extreme deep freeze that central and eastern provinces have had. Keeping the “home fires” burning will not be a hardship, as Gary sees to it that we have a fantastic supply of firewood, and handily placed too. I rarely feel like leaving home for long.

Must go check on the pet guests. Bye for now!


I wrote that much this morning while taking a break. I ached so badly that I thought something was really wrong with me, but no: three ibuprofen fixed me right up!

While I cared for pets this afternoon, I was startled to see my little pom, Callie, having a seizure in the driveway! She had scampered down our steps at the house, and I had strode on ahead to let Cooper bound out of his kennel to run in the yard. Callie was making a squeaking sound and her little limbs were as rigid as can be, the rest of her body thrashing as if she was stuck on the ice. I rushed to pick her up, and her legs were sticking out at odd angles, but as I carried her over to the kennel building so that I could let Cooper indoors, she relaxed. The poor wee thing looked dazed and shaken, a stage that nurses (and vet techs and paramedics) would call “postictal”. Callie seems none the worse for wear now, a few hours later, so we have no way of knowing if this will happen again or if this is an issue which needs treatment.


We had a new doggy pair come to see us today! Actually, I’m acquainted with Grizz already, and now he has a buddy named Tank. They get along well and were given the very large room in the kennel:


Yesterday I babysat Sky just for the day. She had never been here, though I had met her “downtown” in McBride. She was a joyful dog, very relaxed. For some reason she wanted to eat her food without getting completely off “Nana’s Chair”:

IMG_7147 IMG_7144

Today this pair came for nails only. Their owner takes care of the rest of the grooming:

Precious & Baby

Precious & Baby

Willis, Ruby, Lush and Joke (and Sky) went home last night, and Jasper today, and arrivals were Grizz & Tank, Maggie, Duke, Cooper, Hunter and  Cleo. I expect that Teddy, Sadie and little Nellie will go home tomorrow. The rescued kitties Princess and Dusty have settled in nicely.

On Facebook Thursday, there was a link to an article about Calgary’s most popular breakfast places. First on the list is one of my favourite diners to attend with my daughters: “OEB”, or Over Easy Breakfast. Further down the list, there was a Jewish restaurant described, and I forget the name, but one of the popular feature dishes was Eggs Benedict on Latkes. So guess what Gary got for breakfast this fine Saturday morning (long before I was “overworked”):

Latkes Benny

Latkes Benny

They were delicious, if I may say so.

I’m weary, so I will wrap this up. Tomorrow night there is a fund-raiser for our local Spay & Neuter society which I plan to attend. I haven’t been much help to them in the past, though I’ve donated. This time I hope to partake of their “Mexican Dinner” fiesta!

Love, Ann

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