Life and Pets

A real shame…

Last night after my husband went to bed, I saw something in Facebook about a 14 year old cat needing a home, urgently. The family was moving and was going to euthanize, but a nearby rescue society was trying to find a home for “Silly”, aka “Sil”. The rescue Facebook Page had been told Wednesday as a deadline.

After deliberating for about … 5 minutes, I posted that I would adopt this older kitty if she could be transported from Edson to McBride. At LEAST two more people said that they would adopt Silly, while posts were posted and everyone’s hearts were getting tugged. A person who became a friend through a different rescue society vouched for my home (or shop) as being suitable, and she was trying to arrange a ride.

Today I learned that Silly’s family had her euthanized anyway. Strange that they thought that was the solution for a cat who was not ancient or ill.

I felt heartsick when I heard about that cat. I’ve had some regrets in my life regarding animals, and not saved the life of a pet when I might have, but that family’s decision puzzled me. It would have been so easy to let her go to another home. I am trying not to judge.



All is well at home and Pet Hostel. Have been taking care of Ruby, Lush and Joke, also Sadie, Teddy and Nellie, and Turbo and Ginger. Gracie is coming back for a short stay tomorrow: Yay! I told Gracie’s owner that I’d supply the bedding. 😉

The day was beautiful, and yet I was indoors most of the afternoon, working on my OLD website, watching YouTube tutorials about website building, and playing Scrabble on Facebook. Oh, I did laundry, but these are modern times… it really does itself.

Talk to you soon!

Love, Ann



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