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Who knew?

On Facebook, I changed my profile picture, replacing one from my childhood (Thank you, Deb!) to one that was about 50 years more recent. I thought that everyone who is or was my Facebook Friend would have already seen it.

Within a few hours, I had 88 “Likes” and 33 flattering, ego-building comments. Had I realized what an extraordinary response the photo would elicit, I would have switched it sooner. No, wait … I DID have that pic up for a couple of years, awhile ago.

The thing is, though I accept that this photograph is quite fortunate for me, flattering you might say, it is not how I look. It’s not how I appear on a daily basis, of that I’m certain. I’ve gained a bunch of weight back since then, and I’m aging ungracefully. Exponentially!

I’m not fishing for compliments or even reassurance. This is my Blog and my chance to say what’s on my mind. I am pretty sure that most people have moments in which they feel insecure, bashful, or even homely, as I do. What does a person do?

The only solutions for me have been to keep clean, eat well, not smoke, nor drink too much. One can try every day to perform a kindness to another, or at least strive to not be UNKIND, handle animals (okay, important to me more than to some), and do what tasks need doing with a cheerful countenance.

Something which sustains ME, and is not related to my appearance on any day, is to PHONE someone who wouldn’t expect it. This doesn’t happen daily, not even every week, and I try not to interrupt busy people for too long or too often. As I suggested, one can make this gesture when one is feeling as homely as a mud fence, or sad, stressed or just “flat”. I feel like a million when someone says, “Ann, you’ve made my day!”.


Beyond the positive Facebook experience, it has been a most pleasant day. Shadow the cat went home, and I wasn’t glad about that, but it always “makes my day” to see Naomi, his owner. Earlier, Ruby, Lush and Joke arrived for a stay of a few days, and I took care of Willis, Scruffy, Teddy, Sadie and Nellie. Of course our family pets sustain me too. And Gary. Double entendre intended.

Anyway, I must go close the doggy doors in the kennel building. I left them open too often during a stretch of bitter weather (and the building stayed WARM!), then generated a HUGE power bill. It’s history now, but I have learned a lesson!

Call me Pollyanna if you like, but I didn’t even think to tell you about how I possibly have ruined our almost-new printer-scanner. I wanted to print something on “label” paper, and I only had scraps of the 8×10 labels I used to have so many of. So I fed the 3″ by 8″ piece into the printer, and expected to print two copies of a two-line addendum to a project I was working on for Gary. I have done this before with other printers. Oops… the paper disappeared, and no matter what parts of the machine we removed, we could not gain access to the paper jam. Though it’s a radical concept, I even consulted the online Canon manual and Googled the problem… nothing helpful. We put the printer all back together and it didn’t magically eject the paper.

So we got out the old, old printer and got the job done with the last scrap of one-sheet label paper I had in the house or shop. Sometimes the old dinosaur machines are the most reliable: if that one scanned or copied, we’d probably STILL be using it. As it turns out, now NO machine in the house scans or copies, but we can print… even scraps.

Goodnight, my friends. ~ Ann

2 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. Hi Ann, I’m sitting here tonight, so far away it seems, reading your blog. I feel so happy when I read about your life and activities. You are so special in all that you say and do. I appreciate so much the time and energy that you put into communicating with all of us who follow your blog. Thank you xxoo


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