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Cupcake day …



According to a friend who reads Chatelaine magazine, this is “National Cupcake Day” for animals. I don’t know if this means that it’s Cupcake Day for your chosen cause, or if it’s a National Day for Animals in particular.

I do not want to be unkind in my Blog, or really anywhere. Even so, I’m going to say that I did not feel like baking any cupcakes last night, or any time previous to last night, and I am not enthused about joining up with others to frost the cupcakes that will then be for sale.

My friend phoned weeks ago and cheerfully announced that all the funds raised would be FOR ME! I was stupified. I explained that, not only am I not a registered charity, but that I am not a rescue society in any sense. I don’t want people dropping off unwanted pets at my business for vaccinated dogs and cats, no matter how hard I’ve tried to help people find homes or adopt new animals. It is fortunate that sometimes I can connect people wanting to “rehome” their pet, with someone who would want it. Sometimes I have been “stuck with” a pet, or stuck with a huge bill. At times I have even administered first aid to an animal, while insisting that the next stop would be a qualified vet (even this is a grey area for my role in pet care.).

From what I understand, my friend has phoned other people but NOT the local Spay & Neuter Society, which would be a very appropriate place for any cupcake proceeds to go. When I saw this friend during the week, she cheerfully described the event as if it would be the first time I was hearing anything about it, and said, “You’re welcome to come!”.

I’m about to go into McBride with my 15 cupcakes: chocolate cake NOT from a mix. I will frost and sprinkle cupcakes cheerfully, and leave the selling/fundraising up to others. If I am handed any money from this project, you can be sure it will get to the Robson Valley Spay and Neuter Society.

Anyway… must run. Maybe will talk to you later, with pictures of more treasured guests.

Love you! ~ Ann

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