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Cupcake day, part 2 …

Lo and behold, I showed up with my 15 cupcakes and a willingness to help frost these and dozens more, and I had FUN!

Cupcakes for Animals

Cupcakes for Animals

It was a nice visit with four adult women friends and one very polite and mature little girl. My friend who organized the National Cupcake Day for Animals already had about 18 dozen cupcakes pre-sold.

The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed, not as if we had to pass a test for our frosting skills. One young woman had prepared all the icing, fondant and other things that we could need for our creative day.

This morning, when I went to greet the boarding pets, I was met with a pretty sobering scene. As long as all the animals are well, it’s okay, but Gracie’s DOG BED did not survive the night. I had just said goodnight to her at 11 pm., so she must have felt bored in the interim. In my first picture, she might appear sheepish, but she’s fooling you; she was not at all ashamed.

Gracie's Shame?

Gracie’s Shame?

Once a Dogbed

Once a Dogbed

That was quite a job to clean up. Gracie’s owner graciously did not blame me. Gracie was in fine spirits as usual, not in a panic to leave us, which I always enjoy.


The gentle and affable rottweiler went home, and then later this afternoon, Teddy, Sadie and Nellie came. They will be in the largest run together, as they get along fine, and will often have access to the attached outdoor run.

We have Keisha with us for another few minutes. Scruffy and Willis are still here. Shadow cat is going home tonight or tomorrow.

Must run along again. I casually invited folks for a casual dinner, but I’m not sure they will really show up. Just in case, though, I would like to be somewhat prepared.

Love to all! ~ Ann

2 thoughts on “Cupcake day, part 2 …

  1. Oh my Gracie Von! Thank you so much for your patience with our little girl Ann. She is perhaps a bit too spoiled and thinks she should not be left behind. Jan

    • She is a darling. Sometimes we can’t know what goes on in a dog’s mind; she seemed so content and had been casually chewing a bit on the piece of carpet the day before. I thought, “At least it’s not the dog bed!”. lol

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