Dogs and Life

Ordinary days…



Shadow the cat has become my “other shop cat”. He has no inclination to leave us, nor the kennel building, and therefore has full ranging privilege indoors. Through the day, he randomly (or so it seems) chooses different shelves to rest upon, different windows to gaze out of, or checks for any sources of food beyond his own, and visits the other pets.

It has been pretty peaceful at the Pet Hostel.

Diva went home and Gracie arrived.



I groomed a cocker spaniel that I hadn’t seen for many months. Funny thing, I was just thinking about her (having come across her name in my 2013 daybook). When the dog’s owner phoned yesterday, I chirped, “Oh YES, of course I remember Ladybug!”. She is an especially lovely subject to groom, particularly for her breed, which is often noted for stubbornness.



Lady has been shedding her thick coat, and therefore got “furminated” today. That means that she was brushed with a Furminator Tool, which is sold with the claim of removing a lot of undercoat and loose hair in general. The process seems to make a difference, but not a miraculous difference. Lady looked so woebegone that I threw the ball for her for quite awhile afterward… that definitely brought her “wag” back!

our Lady

our Lady

Yesterday we had some melting temperatures. When I approached the horse/hay shed to feed Bud, Gary’s riding horse, I noticed Fiona perched high, enthusiastically drinking water as it ran from the roof!

Wait! Before you ask… the horse and dogs and cats all have a non-freezing source of hydration outdoors. We call it a water trough, and it has a heater in it, and I have many times seen Lady or the cats drink from it.


Ah well… who KNOWS what goes through an animal’s mind.

Sometimes I wish I had something more profound to report or say. It’s not going to be tonight, as my brain has gone numb, and I might go to bed early.

Take care of yourselves, and each other. Love, Ann

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