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A lackluster day…

Do you ever have a day that doesn’t inspire you at all? I woke up today, not feeling sad or even bored, but just FLAT. After feeding the fire, feeding the horse and outdoor cats, and playing with the two dogs and cat who are boarding, and our own three (Lady, Callie and Shelly’s McKenna), checking Facebook and Mail, I still don’t have the get-up-and-go that I usually have.

I should finish the bookwork I started last night. The TV can stay off because I’m alone at the house for a day, meaning that I can concentrate better. But is THAT inspiring? I COULD do some housework… enough said. All I need to do is make some first step, and instead I’ve chosen to chat with my dear blog-reading friends.

I’m reminded of a line from the movie ‘Hanna’, in which a villainous anti-heroine (is that a real thing? I made that up) has to say aloud to herself, in order to launch her own defense, “MOVE! get UP!”. Some days are like that, even if we aren’t evil battling good, just to get through a day. There’s no reason I should be bored, and goodness knows I’m not depressed or ill.

Sometimes I think there are TOO MANY choices in a day. When we have enough to eat and a roof over our heads, we can count our blessings. It takes “survival” out of the daily picture. Some of us have too much stuff, and that in itself is overwhelming. I’m a rather lazy person, and there’s no excuse for it, but that does figure into my daily decisions. I’m counting my blessings that I have so much and enough to share sometimes.

I think that is enough rambling about my inertia and sloth. I will share a great picture that I took yesterday of one of the “pet pairs” who have visited. While I’m at it, I’ll post the link to the slideshow that I uploaded to YouTube… an amateurish compilation of “buddies” who have visited at the Pet Hostel.

Petunia & Sierra

Petunia & Sierra

This pair makes me smile: my heart felt extra joyful spending time with them.

Pet Pairs: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Enjoy the slideshow. I hope you don’t have to sign in or anything. I’ve been trying to test my links religiously, but YouTube and Google+ and some other sites have been baffling me. Sometimes I don’t even know if my account is  “Ann Schwartz”, or “wizardryshop”, or “peggycapri”. “Peggycapri” is my stripper name… and before you ask, I’ll explain that that was some kind of Internet game where you joined the name of your first pet with the street where you grew up! At any rate, adding to YouTube for your enjoyment has been a challenge… hope you are able to get to the videos and slideshows, and I’m trying to learn how to make a better quality product.

Now I have finished the pot of coffee. I say to myself, “MOVE! Get UP!”.

Enjoy your day. I love you. ~ Ann

2 thoughts on “A lackluster day…

  1. What a terrific photo of those smiley dogs! Oh yes, sloth and inertia; I suspect we all suffer from those at times. Leaves us feeling rather ordinary. Know this, my dear friend, whether you’re having a slothful or energetic day, you always make our days brighter, whether it’s through your blog or seeing you as we go about our day. Enjoy your day, whatever it may be. Love you xoxo

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