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Not while you’re looking…

Next winter will be different. This season, we had an average amount of snow, but in two spectacular “snow events”, as the weather people call them. I don’t remember details about how much and when, but we had several feet of snow fall, over time, and some “blowing snow” as well, and this resulted in my newest outdoor runs being about three feet deep in snow.

I can reach the outdoor gates at the far ends of these runs, by trudging through some banks and making myself a path. However, I have not had the time or inclination or stamina to dig the snow out from the outside of the kennels, or even dig inside the gates so that they are accessible. One day, when I knew it was high time to clean the runs, it CAME TO me! I would take my poop scooper and myself THROUGH the doggy doors! I was able to toss an empty bucket over the side of the fence in preparation for the task at hand.

When I told Gary how I’d managed to get into the runs to clean them, all he said was, “You’re kidding.”  I didn’t try to defend myself, as I had already stayed awake at night wondering how I was going to catch up to this chore, and had decided this was the best solution. Even so, I vowed that no husband or customer was ever going to WITNESS me crawling through the kennel building dog doors, which were designed to accommodate our biggest canine guests, some of whom are over 200 pounds. For me? Piece of cake! As if scooping poop wasn’t already humbling enough.


We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner with friends at Morels. That was the best Chicken Cordon Bleu I had ever eaten, including that which I’d made myself. Even the appetizer was scrumptious and special … scallops on a stem of rosemary, plus salmon mousse and fresh french bread that Julian, the chef and owner, had made.

Then tonight we were invited to join other friends who are like surrogate family, at the Gigglin’ Grizzly Pub. The atmosphere was rolicking throughout the establishment… very noisy and fun. I had fish and chips, and that was lovely. I ordered one pint of beer, a new one made locally, and then I ordered ANOTHER, which was altogether too much beer for a little fat woman. I didn’t really finish the second pint, but I certainly gave the new Valemount Pilsner a good trial. One thin mint for dessert was enough, after all of that!

Up Swift Creek Pilsner  Locally Brewed

Up Swift Creek Pilsner
Locally Brewed

Have had a moderate week in the dog grooming department. I already told you about bathing Bodhi, Cooper, and Natty, I think. Yesterday, I groomed Luci, the rock star dog formerly known as Tess. I love that dog dearly, and she seems to enjoy being groomed. Then I had a sort of “walk in” job: “Roper”, a handsome and smart cockapoo.





This morning and afternoon, I turned off the Olympics and worked on my website. As I’ve said in previous posts, most of what I do now with the site does not show up to visitors to the site. Many days, now that I’m “hooked” on improving the new site, I add a picture or two, but they are almost lost in the galleries of photos.

Today I made a couple of SLIDESHOWS of pictures. I hope nobody is offended that I didn’t include their dog … I had to choose among several hundred on the computer. I didn’t necessarily pick the “cutest” or the best photography, often simply the first ones I came to! Then I set each slideshow to music. I especially love the Pet Pairs coupled with Randy Newman’s song, ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’:

The other video consists of some of the happiest faces seen at the Pet Hostel: Happy Faces of Pets, with Mozart’s ‘Four Seasons’.

The links to these can also be found on the Gallery List on Pet Hostel Gallery List.

I have much to learn about editing and “producing” even the simplest slideshow, let alone choosing music for these. I’ve having fun in the process!

This weekend has not been too busy. I felt fatigued on Friday, but I only have four boarders at this time: Sierra and Petunia, Hunter, and Shadow the cat. Perhaps tomorrow I will get current pictures of this small crowd.

And HURRAY! Tomorrow is Sunday breakfast with our friends. I have been stressing about my weight again. I once had “the key”, but I dropped it. I know what to do, but it is not going to start with Sunday brunch.

Love you for reading my blog! I hope I’m giving back a bit of what I get out of hearing/reading the great encouragement and feedback from this endeavour.

~ Ann

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