An acquaintance says goodbye…

Occasionally I have watched and listened to an elderly gent on YouTube. His YouTube handle or Channel name is geriatric1927, and he is “Peter”.

Today I was notified via email (the magic of YouTube Subscription) that Peter had uploaded a new video. His posts are typically short talks about whatever has come to his mind: his mind is sharp and his life has been rich. Sometimes I think I have time to listen, and sometimes I forget to tune in. What caught my eye today was the title, “A final goodbye.”

Peter talks about the past in most of his videos, and his most recent was no different. It is only in the last few seconds that he makes a mention of “farewell”. As I read through some of the comments, I understand that the man is suffering from failing health, and it seems that he does indeed think this might be his last YouTube video.

Among howls of  sadness about a possible end to his YouTube posts, and praise for his embrace of technology, and his full life and gentle spirit, was this YouTube link of a post that Peter made several years ago:

 Old and Wise

I don’t know how he produced this, but he did a great job, and I got all teary-eyed. In YouTube, some credit is given to the “Alan Parsons Project”, and I do not know what that means. I’ll have to look into this. All I know is that Peter’s grandson posted the link to his grandpa’s rendition of this song. Enjoy!

mq1  PeterOakley

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