Dogs and Life

Aha! …

After a day of dog care, and after supper, I was lying on the couch reading. I found myself dozing quite a lot and not getting much out of what I read, which was my library book about HTML (coding of web pages, basically).

Now, I didn’t read this, but perhaps it was in a dream … I suddenly knew (remembered) how simple it would be to link the bigger, better pictures of people’s pets to the tiny, squashed thumbnail pics in my website.

I don’t know how to explain it much differently. The HTML, the “behind-the-scene” language for each page, decrees that the pictures in the gallery are small. This is my fault, and I could have planned the galleries differently, and better. This was causing me some angst, and then I realized how easy it would be to make the “bigger picture” available.

There is a glitch in my system. Because of the file names on the photos that are uploaded to the web host, the whole name of each of many of the pets now shows up. It would not be simple at all to change this, but I will work on it. Most people will not object to their pet’s last name being visible.

If you see a tiny photo in the gallery (at least the last few galleries… I haven’t done the first four yet!), you need only to click on it to get the normal-sized photo. In some cases, the other photo is not much bigger than the thumbnail… this, too, can be something for me to work on. Also.. the thumbnails are constrained to a certain width and height, and this “squashes” some of the photos out of proportion. I didn’t realize how much that would bug me, either.

Little Odie came back to visit us today. He is one lucky dog to have the family he does, and they are lucky to have HIM:



I have Jasper, little Katie, and Natty, Cooper, Spike and Bodhi, and Shadow the cat.



Jasper is now a sensible and noble dog, after a goofy puppy stage. This, I’ve found, is common in German Shepherds.

There seemed to be no dire repercussions from the loving owners of Ruby, Lush and Joke, after I explained that I had got one toenail too short on Ruby,  AND that Ruby was suffering from diarrhea. I was SO worried that these two minor calamities would result in the loss of brand new clients, who I already like so much: the humans AND all three sweet old dogs.

I’m fading here; I don’t think I can go back and fix more pictures in the website. Gary’s skiing tomorrow, and I’ve fixed one lunch and one dinner for the trip, as I’d promised. I’m done. Done in.

Goodnight to you fine folk! ~ Ann

Beaver Mountain from our driveway

Beaver Mountain from our driveway

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