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Making a fool of myself…

Breakfast downtown was fun today. We were four, and the conversation was varied and lively.

All around us in the restaurant were people I hadn’t seen in years, and some who I see often. Many times I made eye contact with such folk, and waved cheerily and/or mouthed “hello”, or even had a chance to ask, “How have you been?”.

At the very next table was an RCMP officer who I recognized right away. (By the way, Kim… KENT says hello!). Another face seemed familiar, and I convinced myself that the man had boarded a dog with me several times, but not recently.

So when this gentleman got up to pay for his breakfast, I stood and said, “I’m sorry, I remember your last name but not your first name.”, whereupon he told me his first name. I was convinced that I had forgotten his dog’s name, so I made no remark about that.

Now that I’m home, and in front of the computer, I tried searching “Valemount RCMP” for further verification about this poor innocent fellow … and I discovered that I had just accosted the new Robson Valley RCMP sergeant! Evidently the Valemount RCMP and the McBride RCMP have become one detachment. There is no way that I knew this guy, or used to know him, or boarded his dog (yet!). What an ass I am. He must think this is REALLY a friendly town, but I shudder to think what the conversation might have been immediately following (when he was puzzling over my pushy remark with others). Perhaps some day I will be able to take care of his family’s pets, or I will otherwise be able to revisit the conversation. Or … he will have decided that lady in McBride who has the kennel is JUST TOO KOOKY!

My new buddy Darren

My new buddy Darren

When we dine out in McBride, I feel like I’ve had a rest, of sorts. This makes no sense at all, as I prepare very simple meals for the two of us, occasionally baked goods as well: I am not exactly overworked in the kitchen. Gary is almost always the one to wash dishes. It seems like a “date” with my Dear, I guess, that would be one aspect.

Joey went home today, and Snoopy’s family will be along shortly. Joey’s owners gave us some salmon that they had caught themselves… sometimes I get some amazing “tips”! Tips are NOT expected, but humbly appreciated.



I am a bit apprehensive about the owners of Ruby, Lush and Joke coming tonight to claim their dogs. Ruby has diarrhea today, and I have no explanation as to why. All three dogs were fed their usual rations, twice now, and not many treats. It must be nerves, although all three have seemed perfectly composed.

I clipped all of their nails; owners had requested Ruby’s nails be done. Sure as hell, I got ONE nail too short. It seemed only a smidgeon too short, but the nail bled and bled. I’ve never seen anything like it in almost 30 years of animal care on my own (or even while working for a vet). I used blood-stop powder, and finally bandaged the paw, which seemed to be the solution. Now I have TWO calamities to explain to new clients. I had blood from the paw,  AND diarrhea to clean up off doggy beds and floors, within just a few hours (overnight). Hope this is the end of it, mostly for Ruby’s sake, but also for mine.

Well, I’m still very much “on duty”, so will talk to you soon. Love you all!

~ Ann

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