Still freakin’ cold…

… but don’t worry! everyone is safe and warm.

We have a “full house”, mostly in the house that we call a kennel building. It is truly cozy, with heated floors. The ambient temperature does not change very much day in and day out.

Sometimes, when everyone has been cared for, I just SIT. As with most pet lovers, I rarely sit alone!

Callie & Smokey

Callie & Smokey on my lap

Here’s another view of the kennel building:

Indoor Kennels

Indoor Kennels

Everyone looks quite content, eh? My recliner chair is just out of the picture to the left. It’s not the most efficient use of space, but my comfy chair, grooming table and tub, and the washer and dryer are all over there in front of the dogs. Just as I envisioned before we built the new kennels, the dogs remain composed while I work nearby.

I have a confession to make. In January, I bought myself a Keurig single-cup brewing machine. Every time I make a cup of coffee and throw out one of those little plastic pods, I say a silent apology to the environment, but OH how I love the coffee and tea that machine makes. While I’m hurrying to get dogs walked or taken to outdoor runs, or when I’m almost finished grooming dogs for the day, I just hit the power button. Then, when I’m ready, the machine makes a cup in mere seconds.

There, I’ve confessed. And even though it’s after midnight, I might have a cup of decaf while I check on the dogs.

Love you all. ~ Ann

One thought on “Still freakin’ cold…

  1. Lovely new website Anny, its cold here as well, i haven’t gone walking in a week, to much of a wind chill , looking so much to spring !! I am so glad to hear you have a keurig , they sure are handy and fast, which i’m sure you enjoy as your so busy . I think of you often and hope that all is going wonderfully in your world. So looking forward to a visit with you when the weather gets warmer , take care my friend !!

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