Dogs and Life

Tired tonight!

As usual, most of my focus has been on dogs (and one cat!) today. There are ten dogs (and one cat) bedded down in the kennel building, and everyone seems pretty content.

We have Ule and TJ until tomorrow, and Dawson and Takwa, Bodhi, Cooper, Mr. Lewis, Natty, Joey, Maggie and Shadow.

I groomed Cole today. He’s not too heavy for me to lift, and he didn’t make much fuss for the bath, nails, blowdry or brush. Isn’t he handsome? Smells so nice too:



This is Cooper. He is a new guy in town, and I’m so happy to make his acquaintance. He is obedient and loving, never failing on the “recall” (meaning that I can let him run around with supervision but without leash).



Tomorrow some guests will go home and others will arrive.

I visited the local library today, picking up some recent books on web page building, as my own books are old. I always enjoy the staff at the library and should go more often, at least to say “hi”.

We had a chimney fire yesterday evening, but at the time were not aware. A cap popped off the brick chimney in the kitchen and filled that room and the living room with smoke. My eyes burned like crazy, and I had to open both doors to get a -20 degree draft going through, helping dissipate the smoke by waving tea towels. I don’t know what could have gone wrong, as Gary cleans the pipes and chimney regularly, and I had filled the wood heater exactly as I had done hundreds of times. The house could have burned, and thank goodness it didn’t. Now the pipes are VERY clean, as any creosote which ignited is now gone.

It’s so nice to be able to come and talk to you at the end of a busy day, but have to “call it quits”. The reading I’ll do is sure to put me to sleep very soon.

Love, Ann

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