Dogs and Life

Freakin’ cold…

The pets are all safe and warm. They each seem to be keeping an ultra-low profile, as if to say, “No, I don’t need to go outside!”. They have all had the quickest of breaks and are comfortable.

Groomed Joey this morning, in anticipation of him getting picked up tonight. I took only a little bit off the length of his coat, so that he won’t be cold.



My friend Naomi is letting me babysit her cat. He seems unfazed by all the dogs around him, and I’ve tried to explain to Shadow that the situation is temporary (that most of the dogs will go home soon!).

Shadow B.

Shadow B.

Gary skied Big White, in Kelowna last week. I uploaded one of his GoPro videos:

Gary Skis Big White

Gary skis Big White

Nice to visit with you, but I need to stay busy with the pet care, pet laundry, floor sweeping, etc.. I LOVE being out in the kennel building with my charges.

Talk to you later!

~ Ann

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