Just dogs

Awesome day…

Has been a most pleasant day, despite the low temp outside.

This morning I busied myself in the kennel building. Clipped the nails on little Ebou, and on Rocky. Both were very good for this.





Last night, as I sat out in my recliner chair in the kennel building, both Lady and Smokey were keeping a good eye on Taffy the guinea pig. The piggy seems either oblivious or simply unconcerned. Only if someone makes a sudden move does Taffy skitter back under her blue shelter thingy… but the dog and cat seemed rapt and didn’t startle her.

Watching the Pig

Watching the Pig

Gary is home from his ski vacation and recuperating. He has video of several of the runs that he made with friends, and we are having some trouble getting any uploaded to YouTube, but when we succeed, you will be among the first to know.

We went out for lunch at Morels, and it was lovely, and tonight we are joining the group who always cooks for visiting bands and the like. Dinner’s theme is Greek, and I am taking Orzo Pilaf. Speaking of such, I need to run away to start making what I promised to bring, feed dogs and kiss their faces.

Talk to you later! ~ Ann

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