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Cold and busy days…

Lady & Smokey "keeping watch"

Lady & Smokey “keeping watch”

It seems like since last week I’ve gone from almost zero to sixty!

I tried not to cry over Lady Stewart any more today, as crying makes a person feel weary, and there has been a lot to do. I’ve hardly even been at the computer.

I forgot to take a picture of Cooper tonight, but I will get back tomorrow with one. Cooper is a new client who is a large, affable black lab. He gets along with everybody and everything… runs right by the cats, and seems unphased by our own three somewhat grouchy “old lady” dogs. Cooper doesn’t seem phased by anything; he ate well and is perfectly obedient. I know that Cooper’s owner might be reading this Blog, but I AM telling the truth!

Today, I just had one little dog to groom. Patchy is a returning customer who is as gentle and sweet and they come.



I have TJ and Ule staying until Friday, and you’ve seen their dear faces. Their owners recommend that the “brothers” stay in separate kennels, but I have run out of indoor space and have had them both in my largest run… the one with the dog couch. There have been no altercations about food or my attention!

Old Natty is very composed unless Ebou, the puppy in a neighbouring run, provokes her. In general, dogs like to see each other, and visit and sniff, but Ebou has literally been “bouncing off the walls” almost the whole time he has been with us.



Ebou WILL grow up, eventually. I’ve seen enough German Shepherds and shepherd crosses to have expected some ditzy, distracted behaviour. Ebou’s “sister” in the family is Rocky, and Rocky is a sedate adult dog with whom I’ve fallen in love. I make sure that Rocky gets her full ration of food in peace, or Ebou would eat both servings every time. If I feed two treats, invariably the puppy will manage to snag both.

We also have Joey, a feisty little poodle cross who is independent, but obedient with me. I can let him run around while I watch him, and we have been out to feed the horse together, as he is used to living on a farm.



Mr. Lewis from Edmonton is here for another few days. He is so special in his own way. Mr. Lewis is in very good shape for a 14 year old dog of any breed. Being pomeranian, he still looks very much like a puppy. I’m grateful that he has not sulked or refused to eat for even a day while in my care.

Tomorrow some dogs will go home and others will arrive. I was telling Gary on the phone one night (while he was on a short ski vacation), “WHY did I build such a small kennel? Why did I build a kennel so few indoor runs?”. I know I’m repeating myself from other blog posts, but I have given myself this silent rebuke for days. It has been so bloody cold out that no dog stays outside for more than a few minutes. The kennel building itself has safe, efficient and sufficient heat. I just wish I’d built it bigger!

Dog's view of Kennels

Dog’s view of Kennels

I was rethinking something that I said in a previous Post. I had said that I didn’t think I could build a “Pet Angels” page for my PetHostel.ca website. Now I think I can! I believed that I would feel too sad and stricken when I uploaded pictures for an album of the dear departed pets, but now I think that that would honour them. It would be a sort of farewell, however poignant. If I start such a pet gallery, I will let you know, and in the meantime you might like to visit the galleries that are a great and large collection of pets we’ve known, owned or boarded over the years.

This evening I went into our bedroom to put a bit of laundry away, and I fell right onto the bed and slept for at least an hour! So now it’s after 10 pm, and I feel I have my second wind and some powers of concentration back. I can talk to you, and work on the PetHostel website and maybe read a a bit.

Gary arrived home safely this afternoon, after what he is billing his “best ski trip ever”. I’m happy for him and don’t begrudge these mini-vacations in the least!

I’ve tired myself out yakking. I hope you are all very well. Love you lots! ~ Ann

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