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Sad, sad, day …

I received word last night that my friend’s dog had been fatally hit by a vehicle. Like anyone, I’ve received bad news about pets, friends and family members, but this little girlie was all of those things to her owner, and also to me. I couldn’t believe it; “Lady” was on my mind until I fell asleep, and then she was my first thought this morning. She was very young. It was also hard to accept because Lady was so inclined to stay close to her house and her owner that people say, “She was NEVER on the road!”. Sadly, she was there at least that once.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have a nearly full house, and more are coming for the weekend. I’ve been successful keeping everyone warm, and with the exception of Ebou, all have content to rest on their beds until walks, treats, meals and playtime. Ebou is a bundle of energy, always vying for attention and apparently never resting.

I groomed this tiny mite today. She is a beautiful Shih Tzu, very small. Angel has a big heart, though, and a sensibility usually found in sedate older dogs. She was excellent for all aspects of her spa treatment.


I have been keeping myself warm, too, and working on my new site. I’m humbled by the process and it is a strain on my brain. There are a few pages at the new address, and I’m keeping the site simple. That’s my story, but the truth is that it’s simple because I only know the basics of HTML and CCS. I’m not going to make a career of it, though people DO, and it feels like college-level study.

  PET HOSTEL.CA website

At one time, I had planned to make a web page that was entirely pets who have “crossed the rainbow bridge”. I’m sure you recognize that as a euphemism for pets who have died. My reasons for changing my mind about that are two-fold: first, I would not want a single person to think that any of those pets had died at the Pet Hostel, and second, when I tried to make such a page, I just cried. And cried. So when you look at the Pet Galleries on the site, you’ll find among the hundreds of images, pets who are very much alive and those who are ….. not.

I must say here, that if you see a photo on my site that you want a bigger, better copy of, you can phone me, or email me at “pethostel DOT”. Just replace the word DOT with a dot, and no spaces. I do this to prevent spam. Yes, my email is “.com”, not “.ca” like the website is. You can also “right-click” an image on the site, and choose “Save Image”. That’s the way it is; you can figure it out.

I was asked recently, “What DO you read?”. I had the grand notion of stacking up all the books that I’ve used to refresh my basic knowledge of website building, and maybe six or eight neat books about the profoundness of dog love in relation to human challenge. I have also referenced some books about gemstones, beads and steampunkery. I just received the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s last expedition (sadly NO pictures, d’oh). Shelly left behind the book, “Brain On Fire”, which I sincerely want to read before I have to give it back. I read almost exclusively non-fiction, and am often too tired to read a book at all. This is after, perhaps, working on the website, playing 42 games of Scrabble, reading Facebook posts and other peoples’ blogs. I haven’t been reading garden books, catalogs or seed catalogs yet this year.

Oh! One thing I should be working on is … bookwork. There’s a good pursuit for our long, cold winters!

Gary will be home from his short ski vacation tomorrow: YAY! If I can figure out how to edit and post video from the GoPro, I will show you his view of the ski slopes at Big White.







Take care, everyone. Love you lots. XXX ~ Ann

p.s. I apologize to owners of Pritchard, Doodles, Jack, and all the many people whose pets have “crossed over the rainbow bridge”, for not writing as much in my Blog. I miss every one.

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