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May the Source be with you…


I keep struggling away with the new website. I’m thrilled as can be that I obtained the “pethostel.ca” domain name, but I’ve had it for a year. I paid a fee for the registration, and then, in anticipation of actually building and launching a site just for this business, I’ve been paying every month as well!

I’m going to keep the website http://www.annschwartz.com for the time being. I had to wait for a certain “Miss” Ann Schwartz to give up THAT domain name. I had an idea that  website could generate some income, because that is what we are told.

For all the links and ads that I’ve added to my webpages (at the “old site”) I have made almost no money at all.

One day, several years ago, I received a cheque in the mail that I did not believe was meant for me. I didn’t recognize the company name, and telephoned to ask: I didn’t want to wrongly accept the $16! I was told that … wait for it … someone had bought a vibrator from some link, or path of links, that existed on my website. I could not even tell you now what that link could be.

Other than that, and a few cents in credit toward the purchase of herb seeds (Richters.com) I have not gained ANY revenue from links or ads. I have gained new customers because of the web presence, however.

So, website building has taken up most of my waking hours that I’m not caring for pets. I take fewer waking hours as I get into the cycle of changing code and text for each page and then checking my work.  I’m relearning HTML with my old books and some websites on the subject.

I’m not sure what it says about me that I can’t get along with ANY free site building pages that are available, but my dear brother-in-law told me many years ago, “Ann, just learn HTML, and then you can do anything.”  I’m limited by a lack of creativity and intuition, but I’ll succeed in making Robson Valley Pet Hostel more evident on the Web.

We have a full complement of dogs to babysit this weekend: Ule and TJ, Odie, Ebou and Rocky, Mr. Lewis, Joey. That’s not MANY to care for, but they all need to be indoors almost all of the time.Ule&TJ_Graine09:11










Tonight isn’t going to be one of my 3 am. sessions, I guess. Must get to bed!

Love, Ann

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