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I was awake until after 3 am. last night, though I left the desk just before two. I’m back to struggling over website building.

One of the first things I did yesterday evening was look at the host for this blog! I thought I was building a web PAGE and only succeeded in changing the format and appearance of my blog and I don’t know how to get it back.

I also looked at quite a few other “free” tools online for building a web page. Although the tools appear idiot-proof, I guess it just depends on which idiot: I could not succeed at anything I tried. Most of the sites I tried would let you build a website, but one could not use one’s own web address. Back and forth and around and around I went, as it got later and later… the hours seem to vanish.

Eventually, I decided I would simply go back to building a site on my own, with HTML (a language of website building). Eventually I made a rudimentary page with my business name on it, where folks can at least find out the Pet Hostel rates and hours, with a link to my weblog. Finally I went to bed with this still on my mind, and now, after being wakened before 7 by the phone ringing (a “hang-up”), I’m yakking to YOU about it!

This is my new web address with the simplest page imaginable: . Now I will have to work on it some more. I have a brother-in-law, Gary’s brother, who believed in me many years ago and told me, “Ann, if you learn HTML, you can build anything yourself.”. I learned HTML to a point, and built my first real site , and that needs work too, a lot of work. It isn’t enough to know a language that makes web pages, one also needs the creativity to design a pleasing site. I’m not putting myself down when I say that I lack ideas for an appealing look for my site.

Probably you’ve read enough about this. I will continue to struggle with it, and even if I have some quirky ways of making a web page look like I want it too, I will manage SOMETHING that will be found online, to promote my little kennel. I think “” is a good web domain to own, and I want to celebrate THIRTY YEARS in business this year!

I found a wintery picture for you, and it is a “bird’s eye” view of our yard before Gary built his woodshed-and-tractor garage, and before his shop. It’s not really a bird’s eye view  unless you’re a very low-flying bird, but it is taken from the rock bluff on our property, the highest point on our land. I should take an updated photo, and I was thinking about this last night… but it would take slogging through thigh-deep snow to get to the same vantage point now. It can wait.


To have this on my new webpages as a feature photo is just silly… it doesn’t even imply the pleasant and joyful existence of the dogs in our lives, but hey… it was 2 am. when I looked for a picture. I’ll do better, soon.

In the daylight hours, yesterday, I made some new friends. I did not take their portrait for my Blog, but I will have a chance to snap “Cooper”, their black labrador, in February, when he comes back to see us. Cooper belongs to the family of the newest RCMP officer in our little town. The young couple have two tiny daughters, born just 15 months apart. I enjoyed their visit very much.

We have Foxy and Morag staying until tonight, and Jack, Baxter, Sammy, and Mr. Lewis. Oh! I did get a photo of Mr. Lewis. I purposely chose the “character” shot to show you; he doesn’t always have his tongue sticking out!


Aside from the care of those few pets, I spent a little time making more bracelets. I told Gary, “I have to wonder who’s going to buy all this shit…”, but I haven’t lost my modicum of inspiration yet. In fact, I have ordered some more beads and findings. Shoot me now.

IMG_6571 IMG_6566 IMG_6562 IMG_6559

In my own humble opinion, I have been doing a better job of photographing the bracelets.

Just now, I went into our washroom to comb my hair and put in my earrings (without which I feel naked). There, at his own vantage point, was Bud watching me! I felt so BUSTED, as it is now after 8 am., and I have not been out to feed the poor starving beast.


This was actually taken a couple of weeks ago, when Bud was looking even MORE woebegone, with snow all over him (and waiting for hay).

I love you for reading my Blog. Take care of yourself!

~ Ann

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