Saturday night in the Robson Valley…

We have spent another quiet night in front of the idiot box. That’s okay! Neither Gary nor I felt up to driving to Dunster for a concert, and that’s too bad.

Today’s excitement, other than caring for best friends in the kennel, was driving out to the transfer station and finding something in the “swap shed” that I can use for steampunk jewellery, some dinner plates for my stepdaughter’s art projects, and a couple of other treasures.

I stopped at the Beanery 2 for coffee, simply because I hadn’t in so very long. I was welcomed like some long lost traveller, and an elderly friend even insisted on buying me “a bowl of soup”. Soon we were joined by other friends, and that was special.

It is a mystery to me why this has been a preoccupation in my mind lately. I was thinking that one of the biggest sadnesses in life is that we can’t save more … dogs. It is so true that there are suffering children everywhere in the world, and other humans. There are also many other animals enduring neglect and cruelty.

It has been a year since we took care of Tyson for months. You might remember the drama: a classy and intelligent-seeming young woman brought the big rottweiler to stay with us while the couple had “just a weekend of sledding”. Then, she showed up to pay for another week. And THEN… weeks stretched into months, during which I convinced this woman to bring the bill up to date just once. AND THEN, after no contact for many more weeks, we advertised for a good home for Tyson, and discovered his real owner! The daughter had stolen the dog from her own mother, for her own reasons.


Eventually, Tyson was claimed by the rightful owner, who seemed to have a few problems of her own. We had no defensible cause NOT to give the dog back to that woman, however, she left us with a large bill.

In the months last winter that I was searching for a solution to our issue with an abandoned dog, I joined several Facebook sites for dog rescues, SPCAs, and the like. All those posts from these sites have preyed on my mind. How can we not save them all? How can people inflict such cruelty on animals?

It IS sad that we cannot “own” more dogs in our lifetime. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to say tonight.

I’m boarding Jack, the smallish rottweiler cross for a few days. He is a perfect guest.



We’re taking care of the senior dog, Mr. Lewis. I love having this wee dog here, and his owners say that he is less stressed at our place than at a bigger kennel.


I’ll have to go back to iPhoto to find a picture of Mr. Lewis … I didn’t find it just by searching his name!

I’m tired. Hope you are all well.

Love, Ann


(View from a friend’s motel)

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