Dammit …

Well, double dammit. I just spent an hour composing a post and it VANISHED when I clicked on “Publish”.

Originally, I entitled this post “Dammit” because I had just fallen on the ice in our yard. I was on my way out to some boarding dogs with big bowls of dog food with raw liver and blood on top… thank GOODNESS I didn’t end up wearing that! Hardly even spilled any.

I was not very injured, but feel shaken. This is the third time I’ve fallen this winter, so I guess I’m lucky that I’m not hurt. This time I’m left with a headache, stretched back and sore knee.

All the photos I had loaded disappeared as well, so I’ll start over, unless I fall apart in frustration and abandon the project.

This is Mia, who was an angel to groom today. She is so quiet and reserved, and so it makes my day when she will wag her tail and offer me a kiss. Mia is a pomeranian and shih tzu mix.


I also groomed Mickey, a favourite and a regular. I forgot to take a picture this morning, but here is one from another day:


Yesterday, Tasha came for her spa treatment. This little bichon cross is rather shy and stoic every time she comes, and soon relaxes:


In the post which disappeared, I went on at length about the bracelets I’ve been making. I yammered about charging too little, but at the same time, I have been very worried about some of them coming apart.

A friend who makes jewellery said that perhaps I am “crimping” the joints so hard that I’m damaging the wire… I think that’s exactly it! I’m waiting for the arrival of some “Beadalon” wire, though I do have a bit of the strong elastic left too.

Most of my bracelets are now listed on Etsy.com (wizardryshop) . I chose a higher price for each of them than what I offered similar ones for locally… I had to consider the cost of replacement materials, even if I never do replace the inventory.

It’s still pretty quiet at the Pet Hostel. We have border collies Foxy and Morag staying for a few days. I don’t have a new picture of them yet.

Later tonight, we will have Tasha come for an “overnighter”, and Jack for a few days.

I’m going to post this before it disappears again. I already had to fish an “autosaved” version out of the bin once.

Love you for following me to this new blog location! Other than today’s frustrations, it has performed well for me.

~ Ann

One thought on “Dammit …

  1. Oh Annie!! You are going to end up breaking something soon. Be careful!! If you are sore, come over for a hot tub or sauna during the day when the sledders are away. Does wonders for those sore spots on us old clumsy ladies. Judy

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