Hobbies and Dogs


I’m still waiting for the shoe to drop, the muse to end, or the day that nobody shows any interest in my hobby. However, today has been encouraging!

I got some feedback about bracelets I’ve already sold, and I made some more, and a couple of the new ones sold as well:

Steampunk 2


These are “steampunk” pieces, and I could have sold more of them tonight. Tomorrow I must go back to the beading table and make another one or two or a few. They are a lot of fun to make, and I have my very own standards and ideas about what to thread onto the wire. They sort of “come to life” like the Raggedy Ann dolls I create.

IMG_6462 IMG_6458 IMG_6457 IMG_6456

All of these are sold (one was a warranty job).

The darling little boston terriers went home today. The people who own the dogs stated to me that they (the people) are thrilled when they know they are travelling this direction and can leave the dogs here. They say that the dogs are very happy too.

While I said goodbye to everyone, one of the bostons leaped up and gave me a slurpy kiss right across the mouth. As I sputtered and stood up, the man of the family scolded Otis for doing that. I asked him not to get after the dog on my behalf,  just not to tell my husband I was kissing dogs “with tongue”.

I only have Sammy the cat, plus Coda and Nukko now. Tomorrow, Willis comes back… I always love to have Willis here. There are three dogs to groom on my daybook.

Gary and Rob are skiing tomorrow and Wednesday. Did I tell you that Gary came back with movies on the GoPro? I haven’t had time to work on editing the movies, but they are fun to watch just as they are. I’ll let you know when I post any on YouTube … I think they are too big, or not the right format,  for this blog.

That’s all I have for a report! I’ve never suggested my blog would be profound. I am enjoying the winter, for the most part, and it is half over. I can’t apologize for having quiet, happy days of a peaceful semi-retired lifestyle.

Love you all for following me! ~ Ann

p.s. Older posts are still found at Annies.blog.com . You will find that it takes a very long time to load, and this is why I have moved my Blog. I did not receive a reply to any query or complaint I made… PFFT!

4 thoughts on “Bracelets…

  1. HI Annie Just found your new blog, i have enjoyed reading about all that is happening in your life, and seeing and hearing all the comments about your 4 legged friends !! I really like your bracelets and hope I can see some for myself here in the next month or two. Miss seeing you , all the best and i’ll keep up with you here until I see you again !! Your friend Ann

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